NBN, please contact to discuss your best internet option,

our nbn plans start from $40 per month, this will give you fast reliable internet, connected to the most reliable internet backbone in Australia.

We can also provide:
  • Competitive mobile phone plans, driven by the Optus network.
  • ADSL or wireless internet connections where NBN is not available.
  • Business grade internet connections
  • Reliable Australian hosted web and email hosting
  • Small business websites - End to End Solutions.
  • Home and Business Phone solutions, both traditional line and voip.
  • Contact us for details

    Call 0408 397 365 if you're seriously tech illiterate, and prefer the phone

    there are of course terms and condition, as well as contract obligations on contract options, however all are fair, simple and reasonable. if you're serious about all this stuff, head over to the exetel nbn broadband page here and simply use agent code v224 to get the benefits of joining the exetel isp service through us.